Bask In Japan’s Finest Natural Landscapes In Momiji

June 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Landscapes, nature and serenity. All of which must be present when you are chilling on a Sunday, about to delve into new card game adventures in the fluffy socks. A popular release from Japanime Games is getting an English translation, partnering up with Deer Games to celebrate the beauty of Autumn amongst an Imperial Garden in Japan, Momiji will allow 1-4 players to peacefully collect victory points, whilst calmly creating a zen competitive environment.

Momiji // Japanime Games & Deer Games

Players will bask in the scenery as they are placed within the walls of a stunning Imperial Garden rich in Japanese culture. However, the time is at the peak of autumn and the leaves are causing disarray within the serenity. Players will need to collect the leaves and place them in different piles to organise.

These leaves will allow players to complete objectives that they are set throughout the game or if they are feeling awfully Gerry-like (squirrel-ish), then they can trade their leaves in for some acorns to activate new missions throughout the game.

Momiji // Japanime Games & Deer Games

“The trees turn vivid hues of red, orange and yellow. The cold wind, the dancing of the leaves falling from the maple trees and the animals preparing for hibernation create this romantic painting that you never forget…”

Players will be tasked to create a panorama by utilising the leaves to which have fallen from the trees. For each landscape, new objectives arise, allowing different playstyles and unique gameplay each time you open the box.

Momiji // Japanime Games & Deer Games

The winner of the game is the person who equates to the most amount of hard work and strategy, calculating their collected objects such as leaves and acorns and completed objectives. Whoever has racked up the most is crowned the winner.

I love the idea that this game can be played solo and not in a competitive way. I really do appreciate a solo card game that can be played in a zen environment, it makes perfect Sunday gaming!

The game which was initially released in December 2020 will be re-released in English later this year. However, if you did want to get used to the game mechanics and give it a go before purchasing, you can access the virtual version via Tabletopia.

What is your favourite calming solo card game? 

"Players will be tasked to create a panorama by utilising the leaves to which have fallen from the trees..."

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