Mantic Games Opens Official Board Games Division

June 14, 2022 by fcostin

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Mantic Games are well known for publishing a whole host of different adventures for our tabletop. Whether it be on the battlefields engaging in mass combat with Kings of War, or throwing pain and might towards BRPD missions in Hellboy The Board Game.

There are plenty of options to dive into over at Mantic, including terrain to bolster up the tabletop. And now, the publisher has instated a clean-up and organisation across their tabletop titles, bringing their selection of board games to their own division.

Mantic Board Games Division - Mantic

Mantic Board Games Division // Mantic

Providing a fresh entry point for new audiences, there will be a clear divide across Mantic's wargaming vs board game titles, with a new department over at the publisher. As they plan to bring family-friendly board games and roleplaying experiences to the forefront, with an easier way to become part of the Mantic family.

Opening up to new opportunities, Mantic will be working closely with other licencing partners to bring new ideas to light, some of which may not have fit the mould of wargaming when visited prior. However, this brings more exciting titles to a wider selection of gamers. This also includes the potential for the growth of Mantic's best-selling wargames games obtaining their own board game versions.

The first title to be officially joining their new venture, the Mantic Board Games Division brand, will be the upcoming Umbrella Academy: The Board Game. Set to launch tomorrow over on Gamefound, the fearsome featured family will be gearing up to save the world time and time again, whilst pulling together their teenage angst!

What do you think of Mantic solidifying its role in the board games sector? 

"Mantic plan to bring family-friendly board games and roleplaying experiences to the forefront..."

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