Megacon Close In On New Stretch Goals For MERCS: Recon

March 17, 2014 by brennon

Megacon Games are closing in on a selection of new stretch goals and have been showing off art for a bunch of special miniatures on the MERCS: Recon Kickstarter...


GCC Agent

GCC Judge

As you can see some are more attuned to the ways of combat than others. I am a particular fan of that epic looking GCC Judge at the bottom with the arm blade and rather ace looking helmet. Most of the miniatures and add-ons have been ace so far and they have a pair of new stretch goals they are working towards.

Stretch GoalsHitting $250k will add those neat plastic workers to proceedings alongside a Texico Mission Pack. Add another $50k to the total and you'll be introducing the Myth crossover agent as well in the GCC Agent.

I'm really interested to see more about playing this game with a few more interesting gameplay videos showing off the different ways in which the missions change between plays.

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