Create The Best Mining Colony With Dr Finn’s New Board Game

March 16, 2021 by brennon

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Mining Colony by Steve Finn is releasing this month after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Available from the Dr Finn's Games website, Mining Colony is a one-to-four player tile-laying board game where you try to make the best mining facility.

Mining Colony - Doctor Finns Games

Mining Colony // Doctor Finn's Games

With your homeworld running low on resources, teams of workers are sent to distant planets in order to bring back what's needed for the population to survive. A game is played over ten rounds where you discover resources, excavate them and then develop your colony in order to better harvest the planet's bounty.

During the Discover phase, you'll turn over resource cards and place said resources onto different zones on the board. In The Excavation phase, you'll then use cards to compete for the resources on the table and add them to your collection.

Mining Colony Layout - Doctor Finns Games

Mining Colony Layout // Doctor Finn's Games

Finally, in the Development phase, you'll look at different tiles won during the previous phase and work out where to place them on your board. As well as the riches of the planet you'll also be able to add new ships, colonists and other scoring opportunities to your board.

Through having the most varied resources, people, ships and more you'll score victory points which can secure you the top spot at the end of ten rounds. The value of points changes from game-to-game too meaning that you'll often have to adapt your tactics on the fly.

There is also a solo mode for the game where the player takes on a dummy opponent. Will you be able to beat the brain of the game?

I do really like the look and style of this game from the artwork through to the components. I also think that the theme is very engaging; I like anything which involves space and exploration! I would be very up for giving this a go as tile-laying games, in general, are very much my bag!

Are you tempted to give Mining Colony a look?

"I also think that the theme is very engaging; I like anything which involves space and exploration!"

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