Nanty Narking: A Perfect Gateway Game? | Chatting With Phalanx

November 3, 2020 by avernos

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Is Martin Wallace's Nanty Narking the perfect gateway board game? We chat with Phalanx Games about what makes it special!

Nanty Narking: A Perfect Gateway Game? | Chatting with Phalanx

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Gerry is sitting down with Jaro from PHALANX games to chat about a recent game from their catalogue which is near and dear to their hearts. Nanty Narking is a Victorian reimagining of Martin Wallace's initial game Discworld: Ankh Morpork. It's a title which makes it easy for all ages to get into board games with a very simple set of rules.

Have you played Nanty Narking? What do you think of it?

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