Two New Micro Games Hitting Soon From Oink Games

July 19, 2018 by brennon

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Oink Games, who create a range of microgames that you can carry around in your pocket (well, kinda) have announced that they have two more games on the horizon for you to check out that will be popping up at Gen Con.

TomaTomato - Oink Games

The first of these is TomaTomato which is a quick and quirky tongue-twister game. Each of the cards has one of these four words on it, Tomato, Mato, Ma, To and you have to play them out onto the tabletop and say the string of words without making a mistake.

It's a simple game that you could take to the pub and play with friends and have a good laugh with in-between other games in a session.

The second of these games is Flotsam Fight.

Flotsam Fight - Oink Games

This game has you fighting over floating junk and treasures that have fallen off of your ship. You will have to decide which of the treasures you want to collect from the sea and which you want to give up as everyone around the table is looking to snap up some goodies too.

As with all of these microgames you need to probably play them before you buy but Oink Games has done some superb stuff in the past. I really like Deep Sea Adventure, especially as a good push-your-luck game.

Will you be checking this out?

"I really like Deep Sea Adventure, especially as a good push-your-luck game..."

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