Earn That Dollar In Passing Through Petra From Renegade Games

August 17, 2018 by cassn

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It's all about that paper in the latest board game offering from Renegade Games Studios.  A humble entrepreneur living under the stunning rose cliffs of Petra, you will welcome traders into your market and help them to trade, growing your influence and attaining economic success in the process.

At the intersection of the most well-traveled trade routes in the old world lies a city within rose-colored cliffs. A place where caravans miles long enter the city, through a narrow canyon called “the Siq.” Inside, traders from faraway lands find shelter and a place to trade their wares among the stunning buildings carved into towering red rocks. This is Petra, and never before or since has there been a city quite like it.

Passing through Petra is an exciting board game with an interesting mechanic and a beautiful tabletop presence. Players direct tile caravans through 3D canyon walls, moving them into the marketplace and growing their economic influence.

Renegade Games have also promised quality components such as tokens, pawns, recessed player boards and cards with artwork from Jani Orban when the game is released in October.

I'm personally very excited by this game.  The mechanic looks original, the components appear to be good quality, and the aesthetic is almost as beautiful as the real city of Petra.

And as if we needed another bonus; the game is designed by J. Alex Kevern, the man responsible for the award-winning World's Fair 1983Passing Through Petra is available for pre-order now from Renegade Games.

Trivia Time: Which cult 80s film features Petra as an important location?

"This is Petra, and never before or since has there been a city quite like it."

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