Plaid Hat Games Introduce Us To The World Of Starship Samurai

April 3, 2018 by brennon

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Plaid Hat Games have introduced their newest big board game, Starship Samurai. Yep, the name already conjures up an awesome image and from the looks of it, it won't disappoint.

Starship Samurai - Plaid Hat Games

"The heavens erupt in the skies above the streets of Byakko City. Points of light flash briefly as the warp drives of carrier ships blink into existence. The Nova Clan’s forces are caught off-guard as a swarm of Void fighters launch to overtake the bustling capital city.

The airspace siege cannons of the Void carrier hammer away at Nova Clan’s defences, and a shadow falls over the city. Masumune has arrived. The gargantuan samurai mech cuts through the enemy forces with ease, obliterating the few remaining Nova Clan ships as they attempt to warp away to a neighbouring system. Byakko City belongs to the Void Clan… for now."

Starship Samurai (Board) - Plaid Hat Games

The game breaks down into an area control affair where you are in command of your Clans fleet as you battle for the system. The major route to victory follows your attacks upon the other clans to ensure your claim but there will also be an element of resource management and political manipulation as you seek to gain extra support for your war efforts.

Epic Samurai!

You also get yourself these awesome looking Samurai Mechs which will represent your clans on the tabletop.

Starship Samurai (Samurai) - Plaid Hat Games

They are powerful icons of your clan as well as dangerous units in the game, able to turn the tide of battle. As well as these massive miniatures you will also find additional models for your fighters and carriers in the game too.

More details will be coming down the pipeline as well as some pre-order bonuses too from Plaid Hat Games.

What do you make of this so far?

"You also get yourself these awesome looking Samurai Mechs which will represent your clans on the tabletop..."

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