Plast Craft Games Announce New Board Game Project – EXO: Mankind Reborn!

February 22, 2018 by brennon

Plast Craft Games are working alongside Diego de la Torre on their first board game project, EXO: Mankind Reborn, which will be coming to Kickstarter May 2018.

EXO Mankind Reborn Teaser

The game is set to please both thematic 'Ameritrash' gamers and those who like Euro games with focuses towards resource management, action scheduling and an asymmetric combat system.

As well as that the game will also feature twenty-five highly detailed miniatures by Barruz Studio amongst others.

Background & Mechanics

Here's some of the background on the game...

EXO – Mankind Reborn” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has survived natural catastrophes taking refuge in underground caves (like the famous Son Doong cave) for centuries while on the surface, the only ones that have managed to survive are the insects, because of their adaptability and their affinity to a mysterious energy that arises during the natural catastrophes: the EXO-energy.

Small tribes from different parts of the world will go out in search of this energy, as their elders told them about its mystical properties. While mastering this new energy they will try to restore the human civilization back to the Earth’s surface.

In EXO, you will become the incarnation the chosen heroes of the main tribes that inhabit the underground caves to unveil the secrets of the EXO-energy. This is a co-operative survival board game in which players will experience the pressure of having to obtain the necessary resources to survive and fight the insects swarm all while they are fulfilling the objectives of each mission in a story that is told
throughout a campaign.

Will you make your way in the wild world of EXO?"

This all comes together into a game which features mechanics like...

  • Resource Management: Players will have to gather resources from the environment in order to achieve the mission goals and manage these resources as well in order not to die! In EXO, the elements will make it hazardous sometimes.
  • Action Scheduling: Players will have to plan their actions trying to minimize the risks since the death of one of the players will mean the end of the game for all.
  • Asymmetric Combat: Each time a player encounters an insect, they will draw a card from the insect AI deck and the insect will act as described on the card. Then the player will roll the combat dice to determine the result of their attacks.

In terms of other details about the game we know it's going to be playable by one to four players and will feature three different campaign modes which work for differing numbers of players.

Your Chance For Some Exclusive Terrain

If you'd like to know more head over to the EXO: Mankind Reborn Website and sign up for their Newsletter.

Plast Craft has also announced that they will be gifting an exclusive 3D terrain piece to anyone who suscribes to the EXO newsletter before the campaign goes live and backs the Kickstarter.

We're looking forward to learning more about this game!

"...the game will also feature twenty-five highly detailed miniatures by Barruz Studio amongst others"

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