Ravensburger Build Up New Castles Of Burgundy

August 14, 2019 by brennon

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The team at Ravensburger have taken their classic The Castles Of Burgundy and brought together a collected edition of the game which is due out this year.

The Castles Of Burgundy Anniversary Edition - Ravensburger

The basic premise of the game is that you will take on the role of a noble within the region of Burgundy in Medieval France. You have been tasked with not only building up your castles but also making sure that you provide the people with a thriving realm in which to live. This dice-rolling game is a really good mainstay of the Euro genre which combines a little bit of luck with plenty of strategic planning too.

You will score points for complete regions, building up multiples of a certain type of tile and also having a diverse landscape. Additionally, this new version of the game comes with eleven expansions for the game, ten of which previously only available as promotional elements and the final one being new.

Have you taken on the challenge of The Castles of Burgundy?

"This dice-rolling game is a really good mainstay of the Euro genre..."

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