Become A Seasoned Stuffie As Plaid Hat Ramp Up The Difficulty On Stuffed Fables

March 25, 2018 by dracs

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Plaid Hat Games' board game Stuffed Fables is a really fun, narrative experience suitable for all the family. However, some players have been hankering after something a bit more challenging. It's time to become Seasoned Stuffies.


Seasoned Stuffies is a series of variant rules that help to add an extra level of challenge to your games, including:

  • Stuffing Shortage reduces the number of White Dice available in the bag, making it much harder to recover from attacks.
  • Persistent Threat slides unused threat dice up the track, letting enemies activate again even sooner.
  • Tough Bosses lets the big bads of Stuffed Fables start with 1 or 2 additional dark stuffing for an even greater challenge.
  • Unlucky Stuffies have to deal with fewer purple dice available in the dice bag.
  • Smart Minions will always choose to attack a Stuffy without a die stored on their card

I have been playing a fair bit of Stuffed Fables lately and I absolutely love it. It is a very accessible game and I love its narrative focus.


However, I definitely understand the desire to make it a bit more challenging at times, so I think it is great to see Plaid Hat catering to these desires.

Have you played Stuffed Fables? What are your thoughts on it?

"Some players have been hankering after something a bit more challenging..."

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