Create A Paradise Of Plants In Verdant Via Kickstarter Autumn 2021

May 3, 2021 by fcostin

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Every so often, you will see a post from me that will combine two of my hobbies - usually one obscure hobby of mine combined with board games. Whether it be the combination of painting, sewing, peering into nature - I love the breadth of board games that are released nowadays. And that designers are combining some of the coolest of hobbies, with the concepts of board gaming.

Verdant // Flatout Games

Now, confession. I am a full-time plant mom. I spend hours within my day making sure that all my herbs and plants are getting lots of sunlight and are happy, healthy and well-fed. So when I found out that Verdant by Flatout Games would be heading to Kickstarter this year, I was filled with delight.

Players take the role of a houseplant enthusiast who is trying to create a happy and cosy living space. How do you do this exactly? You collect and arrange houseplants alongside other objects in the house. Plants must be happy though, as they need to be in the perfect positions to gain the appropriate sunlight needed.

Verdant // Flatout Games

The artist of the game is one of my utmost favourite board game artists, Beth Sobel. Designing artwork for some of my personal favourites such as Wingspan, Calico, Herbaceous and Arboretum. So far, the only images for the game have been of the front cover of the box and the cards themselves, so I am so excited to see what the board and components have in store for them.

There is a solo mode too! Although the game is playable for 1-4 players, considering if this game is anything like Calicto, it will be in permanent rotation on my Sunday Solo Board Game Chilling Fluffy Sock Sesh (still working on a name for this...)!

Verdant is making its way to Kickstarter in Autumn this year, and is more than likely going to encourage houseplant lovers (or plant hoarders, as I have been called) to buy more plants to create a serene indoor verdant of their own.

What random item are you a hoarder of?

"Players take the role of a houseplant enthusiast who is trying to create a happy and cosy living space..."

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