Sonic Battle Racers Speeds Onto The Tabletop In February

January 2, 2019 by brennon

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Drawing on the well-loved video game, Shinobi7 has been working away on Sonic Battle Racers which is going to be hitting the tabletop in February.

Sonic Battle Racers - Shinobi7

Sonic Battle Racers has you taking on the role of one of the main Sonic The Hedgehog cast, rushing around the board looking to pick up as many coins as possible whilst avoiding other racers and of course dangerous hazards.

Each character has their own set of abilities and a special power which can be unlocked by collecting rings giving each stage a great sense of fun. The game also comes with four miniatures as you'll have seen above acting as the game tokens you'll be moving around the board.


As well as the main game there will be a wealth of expansions too. One of them immediately caught my eye as you can throw Eggman into the mix as a Boss.

Boss Eggman Expansion -Shinobi7

Each set gives you a new challenge to undertake, a boss to face off against as well as a racer version too. You also get new tracks to race on as well making these seem like a fun little addition to the mix.

As you might imagine, the expanded cast from Sonic is also available to snap up to giving you new options to shake up gameplay. Here we have Big...

Big Racer Expansion - Shinobi7

...and Vector. Now, I know who Big is and I've seen Vector back in the mists of time but the rest of the racers seen HERE I don't really know at all.

Vector Racer Expansion - Shinobi7

If you've got kids who love themselves a bit of Sonic then this might be a good shout. I am very tempted to give this a go and see just how the races work!

What do you think of Battle Racers chances as a tabletop game?

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