Spooky Storytelling In …And Then We Died

December 4, 2018 by cassn

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A group of us have all died together...somehow. Before we can pass on to the other side, we need to remember the circumstances of our demise. All we have to work with are our fragmented memories and the subtle influence on the tarot cards. If we successfully tell our tale in ...and then we died., our spirits are set free.

...and then we died is a cooperative storytelling game for two to eight players. In ...and then we died, players are dealt double-sided tarot cards containing fragments of words. A similar card is placed in the center of the table and, on their turn, the beginning player must create a word by aligning their card to the one in the center of the table. That player must then narrate part of the tale of their demise.


For example, if the word created is cat, the player could say "I remember we were walking down the street when a black cat crossed our path". Once one player has finished speaking, any player is free to be the next contributor to the tale.


Designer Emma Larkins originally previewed the game at PAX East and PAX West 2018 as Confabula Rasa, and states that the inspiration behind the game is that "anyone can be a storyteller!". ...and then we died had a limited release at Essen earlier this year, and should be available through local game retailers soon.

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"If we successfully tell our tale in ...and then we died., our spirits are set free!"

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