USAopoly Release Codenames: Harry Potter On The Muggle World

November 19, 2018 by brennon

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USAopoly has taken the Codenames formula made popular by Vlaada Chivatal and tweaked it to fit a few popular settings. They already have a Marvel version which is more akin to the traditional Codenames game where two teams play against each other, but the new Harry Potter set is more like Codenames Duet.

Codenames Harry Potter - USAopoly

Because of its focus towards a more family-friendly audience, the game has you playing together to try and guess the one-word clues and uncover all of the secret agents before unleashing a hidden Death Eater amongst the array.

Codenames Harry Potter (Components) - USAopoly

I can see why they've changed this up as it certainly makes for a happier time at the tabletop between parents and their kids as well as a younger group. I'm never a fan of games which use movie stills instead of artwork and such for their games but again, I can see why this was needed as the films are what have stuck in people's minds.

I would love to see someone do a wonderful set like this for Harry Potter with all original artwork for the characters!

Will you be snapping this up for Christmas?

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