Wage Ancient Warfare In Milito From PSC Games

April 21, 2019 by cassn

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Milito is a two-player card-driven wargame about the complexities of ancient warfare. Designed by Martin Wallace and published by PSC Games, in Milito you are the head of an Ancient army, making vital tactical decisions which will spell victory or defeat for your troops!


Each player will command troops specific to their army, and play unit cards to take control of the battlefield. Use lighter troops to hold the enemy at bay, or move your well-armoured infantry forward and drive the enemy forces back.


Utilize the manoeuvrability of your cavalry to tactical advantage, or use flank attacks and army leaders to create strategic depth.


There are six ancient armies included in Milito: Achaemenid Persian, Alexandrian Macedonian, Ancient British, Carthaginian, Imperial Roman, and Republican Roman.


Units are rated for speed, attack strength, defence strength, and other battle modifiers, based on their historical counterparts. Leader cards provide combat and placement advantages and come with their own special abilities. Use your leaders and your troops to make interesting tactical decisions to decimate your opponent's armies and win the war!


Milito is an interesting game which provides tactical variety without complex components.

"Decimate your opponent's armies and win the war!"

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