The Winner Of The DreadBall Crystallan Team Revealed!

March 17, 2014 by brennon

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The DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter has come to a close and with that we also have the reveal of our winner for the Crystallan Team Name competition! It was a close run thing but Mantic and indeed Jake Thornton himself have come up with a winner!



Here is what Jake had to say...

"Coming up with a really great name for a team is a surprisingly tricky challenge and it was great to see so many people trying their hand. Loads of interesting names among the mix with plenty of mineral references as you’d expect. I ended up Googling all sorts of strange sites and substances to see what colour they were. At least, that’s my excuse. That wasn’t all though – there were also some clever wordplays (Quartzerbacks) and some rather bizarre offerings (Constipated Carbon Munchers) hidden among the beryls and carbonites.

In the end though, the one I picked out of the mix came from a different angle. It was a difficult choice with the Glass Cannons coming a close runner up. In the end though, it was the Rock Solids that made me smile most so I’ve gone for them. To quote an old British advert “it does what it says on the tin”. Well done to romerous."

So there you have it! The winner of the competition is romerous and the name is Rock Solids! We'll be contacting you soon so we can find out your details and pass them on to the folks at Mantic! Enjoy your team!

With the Xtreme Kickstarter at an end what team are you most excited about from those announced?

Let me know below.

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