Become King Of The Sea In WizKids’ Flotilla

March 25, 2019 by brennon

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WizKids has announced another new strategy game for you to get your teeth into. Flotilla is on the horizon and has you surviving out on the high seas in a post-apocalyptic world.

Flotilla - WizKids

You are playing as one of the Fleet Commanders who has taken refuge on this floating haven. In the game, you'll find yourself exploring new aspects of the ocean, salvaging things to help add to the flotilla and gaining influence with the different governing guilds.

Your goal in the game is to become the most influential figure in the development of the flotilla and lead civilisation into a new era. Sounds pretty cool although we've all see Waterworld.

One of the key aspects of Flotilla is the two distinct modes of play. You begin the game as a Sinksider, exploring for resources but can soon turn Skyside where you work at expanding the flotilla and taking on a whole different system of mechanics for the rest of the game. I have a feeling deciding when to flip and go Skyside is going to be key to victory in this game.

Are you tempted by Flotilla?

"Sounds pretty cool although we've all see Waterworld..."

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