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March 6, 2018 by brennon

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Room 17 Games are on Kickstarter right now with a neat sounding project called Flicky Spaceships. While I can't say that I'm a master of dexterity games I can see this being quite a hit with people.

Flicky Spaceships Kickstarter

You can see a gameplay video above showing how the game works, but as a basis this works for two to four players as you zip around the board collecting resources, buying upgrades for your ship and, of course, flicking them around with both a mix of finesse and brute strength.

Flicky Spaceships Contents

You will be flicking and smashing into other ships on the tabletop and then use the resources you generate to help make the process a whole lot easier as you do. The game actually won itself a redesign award at UK Games Expo which is pretty neat and so it would be great to see this game come to the tabletop at more conventions.

It's neat to see that the game is more than just the dexterity aspect and there's a benefit to looking beyond the flicking so you can create a ship and tactics tailored to your playstyle.

What do you think of this project?

"...flicking them around with both a mix of finesse and brute strength"

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