From The Beaches To Berlin! New Bolt Action Sourcebook

September 9, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have put up the pre-order for one of their new Battleground sourcebooks. The first of these is Battleground Europe for Bolt Action which charts the full conflict with a series of linked games and information taking you from the beaches of Normandy all the way to the heart of Germany...

Battleground Europe

War PhotographerThis sounds like a great way to kick off an awesome campaign of some sort where you take an army of yours off the beaches and into the heartland of Europe. Or, you play the German army holding off the Allies at Normandy before trying to hold each of their different strongholds across France and more. All very exciting.

As well as that, as with most Warlord releases, you can get your hands on the War Photographer exclusive miniature that might make a great addition to a diorama or maybe as an objective on the tabletop. Get him out of there before the bombs start coming down!

What do you think?

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