Bringing Fast Reconnaissance To Bolt Action Armour!

October 12, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Warlord Games, is continuing their drive for the upcoming Tank Wars supplement to Bolt Action. This time around they bring us an alternative Panzer II the Ausf. L Luchs (Lynx). This model was the final configuration of the Panzer II during WWII, 800 were ordered and only approximately 100 were actually built by the end of the war. It had a top speed of 60 kph and a range of 290 km.


This model is made out of resin and metal parts and is made to order. I think everyone can agree for the most part Germany had the best armour especially in the early years of the war. The detail is really nice and I can see playing a few of these and harassing the enemies' flanks and rear. with quick hit and run tactics.

WWII Panzer II Ausf. L

With the upcoming Tank Week here on the Beasts of War, this just gets us that much more excited to hear and feel the rumble of these great steel beasts rumbling across the battlefield.

Will you take the fast track?

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