Crush Communism in Bolt Action With The Sturmbataillon

April 27, 2014 by dracs

Warlord Games have come out with something that might come as a bit of a surprise to all my fellow non-history buffs; the SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne, the force of French volunteers fighting on the side of Nazism.

Charlemagne Division

The Charlemagne Division were a grenadier division that fought in Poland and Russia, even managing to break back into Berlin in order to defend the Fuhrer from the advancing Communist forces. These French SS were an elite force who, according to Warlord, often gave more than they got in the most dangerous of battles.

SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne Division

These models might actually be some of the most characterful that I have seen come out of the Bolt Action range. They are armed to the teeth and ready for anything, while their grizzled faces make them look as tough as they reportedly were.

These models are now up for pre-order and could be an interesting addition to a German army, whether as the French volunteers or even as regular SS.

Can any of you tell us anything else about the Charlemagne Division?

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