New Firepower Arrives for Bolt Action’s Finnish Army!

November 29, 2014 by stvitusdancern

If you play Bolt Action, and not the Germans, perhaps you have had Howitzer envy. If you play the Finnish army, things just took a turn for the better for you as Warlord introduces the 105 H/33 Howitzer!

Finnish Howitzer

Finland purchased 53 howitzers from Germany, naming them the 105 H/33. All of these new weapons were delivered in the first half of 1944. The 105 H/33 were issued to three Light Artillery Battalions (17th, 20th and 23rd) and later also to 3rd Artillery Battalion of Field Artillery Regiment 9. All of these units were horse-towed and each received a dozen 105 H/33 howitzers.

Will you be using this Howitzer to destroy your enemies in your next Bolt Action game?

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