The Japanese Get an Amphibious Tank for Bolt Action

November 30, 2014 by dracs

According to Warlord Games, the Japanese of WWII developed a number of amphibious tanks to back up their Special Naval Landing Force and now one of these has floated into Bolt Action.

Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank

The Ka-Mi amphibious tank was based upon the Ha-Go chassis, with added attachable pontoons and a boat hull to help it travel on the water and sometimes even being equipped with torpedos, along with its 37mm gun and coaxial Type 97 light machine gun.

Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank with Pontoons

Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank Waterline

The great thing about this miniature is that Warlord have provided three variations; those without the floating pontoons, with them attached, or with the tank floating on the waterline. This is brilliant as not only does it show the tank in action, but it allows you to display it in its various stages on the battlefield.

Can you tank buffs tell us more about Japan's amphibious vehicles? Would these be useful for your Bolt Action games?

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