Laugh Off Land Mines With Bolt Action’s New Tank Option

August 7, 2012 by dracs

Are those pesky magnetic mines bogging down your precious tanks? Well don't worry as Bolt Action has a new German tank option to help avoid these deadly traps. The King Tiger with Zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste.

Bolt Action - King Tiger with Zimmerit

Used by German tanks to avoid their own magnetic mines, the Zimmerit paste provided an extra layer of  contact to prevent the mines becoming magnetically attached. Often ridged, the paste would prevent the mine from becoming firmly attached, allowing it to be shaken loose.

King Tiger with Zimmerit

As you can see the paste changes the surface of the tank from a smooth metal plating. Warlord have said that this will "make painting panzers much easier as you can apply your usual techniques of drybrushing, blending or washes – something that can give a less than satisfactory result when applied to flat surfaces."

Will any of you history buffs be using this to stave off the hazardous mines of the battle field?

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