Oi… Churchill!

January 26, 2011 by dracs

Warlord Games have just released a sneak peak of their up-coming new resin tank, for the British World War 2 forces.

The Churchill tank!

These are only work in progress pics of the model and even though I've never been a massive tank fan, I think these shots are definitely looking promising.

WIP Churchill Tank

The Churchill was considered to be something of a rush job, forced into production to combat an imminent German invasion that turned out to be much less imminent than the Allies thought. This vehicle was renowned for breaking down and was cursed with a piddly 2lb gun and under-performing engine. When compared to the massive tank-buster that was the German Tiger, the plucky Churchill seems out-gunned and in trouble!

Despite this, the Churchill is an solid piece of armour, to form a vanguard for your British Infantry. Whether it be pulling "moving terrain duty" by blocking small-arms fire, bulldozing barbed wire, or simply "tank shocking" a gun emplacement... this vehicle is a cost-effective (well... this depends on the game your playing... I'm thinking SoT3R) means of troop support and light armour busting.

Actual Churchill Tank

Despite the faults of the real-life vehicle, the model is shaping up to be a great looking addition to the Bolt Action range. If the caster manages to keep that really crisp level of detail, then it would seem that Warlord's reputation for making some of the best, historically accurate 28mm miniatures is assured for another season.

WIP Churchill Tank

I have been planning to get a British force started for Secrets of the Third Reich and I'm hoping the lads here at BoW, get one of these tanks in, to open on camera. If so, I'm planning to make it the centrepiece to a determined British force, to field against Andy's sinister Nazis.

Tally-ho chaps!

BoW Sam

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