Get A Right Pounding From New WWII German Heavy Guns

March 12, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are adding to their massive collection of World War II weapons for Bolt Action with the introduction of two big guns to the German arsenal. We have both the sIG 33 50mm Howitzer and the PaK 38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun making quite the explosive entry.

Heer sIG 33 150mm Howitzer

First up lets take a look at this Howitzer which, while you might imagine was used to take out groups of armour, was more suited to bombarding fortified positions and clearing areas of mines and barbed wire. Saying that I don't imagine it would be nice if the shot did hit a tank!

As well as damaging rounds the howitzer could also fire smoke to cover large areas. What can't be denied is the deadly fear effect that weapons like this can have. If you hear the whistle of shots coming down on your location you are going to duck and cover, not run into the open!

Heer Pak 38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun

We also have the Pak 38 5omm Anti-Tank Gun that was too late to help in the defence of occupied France but was used extensively in the subsequent invasion attempts of Russia. Despite this late implementation, much like the Howitzer above, it was made and used to great effect throughout the war.

I might want to pick one of these up, the Anti-Tank Gun that is, since it appears as if a fair few people are beginning to take more armour nowadays!

Will you grab these guns?

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