Two Tanks of Japan and Britain Go Head to Head in Bolt Action

September 19, 2014 by dracs

Two new tanks have been released onto the WWII battlefields of Bolt Action, the famous Cromwell Cruiser Tank for the Brits and the Type 4 Ke-Nu Light Tank for the Japanese.

The Cromwell Cruiser Tank is perhaps one of the most well known tanks fielded by the British during World War II (even I'd heard of it).

Cromwell Cruiser Tank

According to Warlord, the Cromwell was the best of the cruiser tank models, relying on its superior speed and maneuverability in order to avoid head on confrontations with the heavier German tanks.

This new plastic set also comes with a waterslide decal sheet, allowing you to mark the Cromwell as belonging to a British, Canadian or Polish unit.

Cromwell Cruiser Tank Decals

The Japanese forces get a new resin model in the form of the Ke-Nu hybrid tank, using the Chi-Ha turrets that became surplus once those tanks underwent an armament upgrade.

Japanese Type 4 Ke-Nu Light Tank

This 57mm gun gave the tanks a bit more fire power, but unfortunately weighed the tank down reducing its speed, while its armour proved to be too thin to deal with the Allied tanks.

Will either of these join your Bolt Action tank wars?

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