Tanks Begin to Rumble into WWI as Warlord Preview the St Chamond

September 12, 2014 by dracs

Warlord are continuing to work on their upcoming WWI range of miniatures and have put up a preview showing off the sculpt for the St Chamond heavy tank.

St Chammond WWI Tank

The St Chamond was a French made heavy tank that proved to have some major flaws in its design, especially with its tank tracks being far too short in relation to its size. Having said that, it still saw use throughout the last year of the war.

For me at least, the design of WWI tanks is far more interesting than the later ones that would appear. They just look so different to anything that came after, and I think this St Chamond model looks great and has me interested in finding out more about the tanks of this era.

Can any of you tell us any more about this tank? How does the miniature look to you?

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