Warlord Games Update Two Kits With New Contents

August 26, 2017 by thisisazrael

Warlord Games have updated the Cromwell Cruiser and M3A1 Half-Track box sets from Bolt Action with new contents.

Warlord Games Half-Track Bolt Action

The M3A1 Half-Track now includes a decal sheet, damage markers, stat card and instruction booklet.

Warlord Games Half-Track Bolt Action Sprue

The model comes with two front fenders for you to choose between as well as stowage items such as spare helmets, fuel cans and backpacks that you can use to keep your vehicle looking individual.

Warlord Games Cromwell Cruiser Bolt Action

The Cromwell Cruiser Tank comes with a full-colour waterslide decal sheet with tons of options so you can form British, Canadian and Polish units.

Warlord Games Cromwell Cruiser Tank Bolt Action Sprue

The kit also includes an optional Culin Prong hedgerow cutter for those troublesome fields in Normandy.

What do you think of the full plastic kits?

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