Valentine II Rolls Onto the Battlefield From Warlord

January 18, 2015 by stvitusdancern


As our esteemed in house tank expert , John could give us a much better and in-depth report on the British Valentine II infantry tank than I can. However, let me just say Warlord Games have been adding even more options for the WWII gamer.

Valentine II

This little known tank outside of armor aficionados was developed privately and approximately 700 saw service with the British Army especially during the North African campaign. Another 3,000 were sent to Russia as part of the lend-lease program.

Valentine II

The Valentine was known to be very dependable as far as tanks goes, but it's major drawback was the main gun, only being a QF 2-pounder. The real main advantage to this tank was it's low profile making it a more difficult target to enemy gunners.

Valentine II

I still think it is a beautiful model and would make an awesome addition to a North African table. I sure would like to make one, but the sand just gets everywhere in the house.

Valentine II

Can you see these racing across the desert just like in the old news reel films?

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