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Draw Swords & Defend 3DAlienWorlds’ Samurai Farm Set


3DAlienWorlds has designed another set of 3D printable files for you to add to your collection.

Print Out Some Samurai suitable Wooden Walls From 3D Alien Worlds


3D Alien Worlds have released a new set of STL files to let you 3D print your own set of Samurai Wooden Walls.

3D Alien Worlds Announce New Files For 3D Printed Samurai Terrain


3D Alien Worlds have released a new series of 3D printable Samurai terrains, transforming your tabletop into an ancient Japanese world.

3DAlienWorlds Measure With The Accuracy Of A Samurai


3DAlienWorlds is bringing the war of thematic measuring devices to a head with their new Samurai Measuring Swords. Yes, you heard me right.

3DAlienWorlds Erect Necrontyr Walls To Protect Their Dynasty


3DAlienWorlds has been working on a range of new terrain for their Necrontyr range. The latest piece is their Necrontyr Tomb City Walls Set.

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