Print Out Some Samurai suitable Wooden Walls From 3D Alien Worlds

January 25, 2019 by dracs

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3D Alien Worlds have released a new set of STL files to let you 3D print your own set of Samurai Wooden Walls.

These sort of walls would enclose the homes of samurai and other such households, and examples of this style can still be found in some of the older areas of Japan today.

The set is downloadable as a ZIP file, and contains STL files for:

  • Straight wooden wall
  • Straight base
  • Corner wooden wall
  • Corner base
  • Gateway section
  • Gateway base

It's interesting to see more companies offering files like these as home printing takes off more as a hobby in its own right.

The set looks well detailed and would allow you to lay out an effective bit of terrain for a feudal Japan era game, like Bushido or Test of Honour. I would be interested to see just how well it comes out for home printers. Maybe this is one for Warren to test out.

Are you tempted by home printing, or do you prefer to buy ready-made terrain? 

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