3D Alien Worlds Announce New Files For 3D Printed Samurai Terrain

January 9, 2019 by cassn

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3D Alien Worlds have released a new series of 3D printable Samurai terrains, transforming your tabletop into an ancient Japanese world.


First, the Samurai Torii Set includes two Torri gates - one larger red wooden gate and one smaller stone one.


The prints come in a range of options, including plain or rooftile, kanji-inscribed pillars, rope, and paper tassles. The print also includes clan symbols for the Oda Clan (other clans purchased separately).

samurai 1Next, the Samurai Zen Garden set is a beautiful example of a Japanese rock garden.


Alongside the main print, also included in the set are the straight and corner stone walls, two stone lanterns and two additional rocks. 3D Alien Worlds have advised that this is quite a complicated print and may require a bit of patience - ironic when printing a zen garden!


Finally, the Samurai Castle Walls set ensures that your men remain fortified. This is a modular set of stone walls which can be arranged to create a variety of defensive designs.


The ZIP file contains:

  • 120mm straight section, with wall and fence options.
  • 120mm corner section, with wall and fence options.
  • 120mm inner corner section, with wall options.
  • 120mm centre section.
  • 240 x 120mm slope section (in two halves), with wall and fence options.
  • Wooden gateway
  • Upper wall support posts
  • Joining clips and pegs


I really like the designs on all of these, although I think my favourite is the Torii gates, which look amazing with all the extra accessories on them.


I think these would look amazing on a Test of Honour tabletop. The STL files can be purchased now through the 3D Alien Worlds website.

How do you feel about 3D Printed terrains?

"The Samurai Castle Walls set ensures that your men remain fortified!"

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