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Badger Games

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New Regiment Games Cosmic Orcs Coming To Adepticon This Week


Badger Games has released a whole bunch of new Cosmic Orcs for Regiment Games. Designed by Kev "Goblin Master" Adams, these are going to be great for adding to your existing Oldhammer-themed Sci-Fi armies on the tabletop for all manner of games.

Build A Fish Man Force With RavenClaw Miniatures’ 28mm Range


Badger Games has now made the range of 28mm metal Fish Men miniatures available from RavenClaw Miniatures. If you're looking to set up a Sci-Fi or Fantasy adventure then these could well be great villains or potential allies for you to come up against. 

Brave Nuka-World In Fallout: Factions! New Modiphius Game Hits The Target #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Modiphius seems to be on to a slamdunk with the new Fallout: Factions skirmish game set in the Post-Apocalyptic world of Fallout. Grab your Raiders and customise them as you get stuck into a battle over Nuka-World with your friends.

Kev Adams’ Cosmic Orcs Pop Up From Badger Games!


Badger Games has been showing off the new Kev Adams-designed Cosmic Orcs that have joined their 28mm Sci-Fi collection! A new range of Command miniatures, NCOs, Support troops and regular soldiers have joined their range.

Grab Classic 28mm Pig-Faced Orcs From Badger Games


Badger Games has recently released a new set of 28mm Pig-Faced Orcs from the team at Have A Nice Day Miniatures. If you're looking to throw some classic Fantasy dungeon-dwelling enemies into your games then these might tick the box. 

Grab Your Kev Adams Cosmic Goblins & Take Over The Stars


Badger Games has just added some of the Regiment Games Cosmic Goblins to their webstore for you to scoop up. These have come from the Goblin Master himself Kev Adams and are just part of a much larger range that is planned.

Badger Unleash Frost Giants From Their Mountain Homes


Badger Games has released some new miniatures from the folks at RavenClaw Miniatures this week.

Badger Games Go To War With Dark Age Norse-Irish!


Badger Games are going to be making Gerry and Lloyd very happy thanks to their new range of Dark Age Norse-Irish by Pontoonier Miniatures.

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