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Cranio Creations

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Tidy Up Your Kallax In Cranio Creations’ My Shelfie Board Game


Cranio Creations has joined forces with Matthew Dunstan and Phil Walker-Harding to bring us a board game all about being neat and tidy whilst showing off your collection of "stuff". This should be very familiar to any hobbyist and particularly board gamers with their heaving kallax units!

Build Towers For The Whimsical Students And Beings Of Eriantys


Eriantys by Craino Creation will take players into the world of whimsy in a game of strategy and planning where players witness the madness of spiteful yellow gnomes, and crazy pink fairies take their place amongst blissful floaty islands - home to the great schools of magical creatures. With the fresh hope that they can access the powerful great hall joining the most powerful professors in the magical world. 

Protect Your People In Cranio Creations’ New Board Game, Golem


Cranio Creations are going back to 16th Century Prague and exploring the legend of the Golem with their new board game which is slated for release later this year.

Cranio Creations Invite You To Their Mystery House


Cranio Creations has been showing off their new game which introduces a range of technological elements alongside old fashioned mechanics to deliver an interesting new board game experience. See what you make of Mystery House: Adventures In A Box.

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