Cranio Creations Invite You To Their Mystery House

September 7, 2019 by brennon

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Cranio Creations has been showing off their new game which introduces a range of technological elements alongside old fashioned mechanics to deliver an interesting new board game experience. See what you make of Mystery House: Adventures In A Box.

Mystery House Adventures In A Box - Cranio Creations

The game box for Mystery House becomes the game itself as you wander around the house trying to solve riddles that you find inside of it. You will search for clues within the box itself which features multiple doorways on all sides. Enigma cards are inserted into the top of the box and these will start to tell the story of the adventure your delving into as you play.

As well as the core element of the box and its 3D maze there's also an app which drives you through the game, keeps track of the time and helps maintain the progress of your team. The game features two adventures in the core box, Family Portrait and The Lord Of The Labyrinth.

Additional expansions for the game will use the same base game box and you'll start to build on additional features to it as you go.

This sounds very interesting indeed and we've already seen a lot of people discussing it out there in the tabletop gaming world.

Will you be checking this out?

"Will you be checking this out?"

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