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Eagle Figures

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Check Out The March Of The 95th Rifles With Eagle Figures


The 95th Rifles are going to be heading to battlefields soon thanks to the folks from Eagle Figures. See what you make of these early previews that popped up on social media of this fine fighting force. 

Józef Poniatowski Joins Eagle Figure’s Napoleonic Forces


Eagle Figures has introduced a couple of new releases for those playing out some Napoleonic games in 28mm. The Polish are getting an update here and leading the way is Prince Józef Poniatowski.

New Confederate Commanders Land From Eagle Figures


Eagle Figures has added a few extra miniatures into the mix for those playing out the American Civil War in 28mm. The newest release comes in the form of some Confederate Command figures for use amongst your massed regiments.

Light The Fuse On New Eagle Figures Russian Artillery


Eagle Figures has been showing off three new releases for this month. All of them are from their Napoleonic collection and build on the Russian options they have to offer to wargamers.

Eagle Figure Sound The Advance With New Napoleonics


Eagle Figures has released a few new metal sets for those diving into the Napoleonic era.

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