Light The Fuse On New Eagle Figures Russian Artillery

May 11, 2020 by brennon

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Eagle Figures has been showing off three new releases for this month. All of them are from their Napoleonic collection and build on the Russian options they have to offer to wargamers. We start with a pair of big guns.

Russian Howitzer & Crew - Eagle Figures

We start with this rather spectacular looking 40lb Howitzer which is going to blow holes in enemy fortifications and the enemy lines. It is a wonderful metal piece which is packed with detail and comes with the nine crew and two big guns as part of the battery.

If you want to add something a little less explosive then there is also the 18lb Cannon Battery which is going to make life just as unsavoury for the enemy. Much like with the howitzer above, it comes with nine crew for the two guns.

-5eb942b2a30dd--5eb942b2a30deRussian 18lb & Crew - Eagle Figures.jpg

There were plenty of different guns in the mix for all of the various factions during the Napoleonic era and each of them had their place. Some were key for shattering dug-in troops whilst others were simply there to rake the enemies front lines and send them packing.

Guided Fire

As well as the two guns, there is a new Artillery Officer Pointing which can be added into the mix (also shown above).

Russian Officer - Eagle Figures

This fellow will give some direction to the whole of your artillery battery which is looking to range in targets from afar. Again, sets like these speak to the colour and detail that you get from Napoleonic miniatures. Whilst I could never see myself painting up an entire army for this period, I still think it would be fun to play out some skirmishes.

Perhaps I'll spoil myself and explore Eagle Figures' collection of characters to see if anyone takes my fancy!

What do you think of these new kits?

"...sets like these speak to the colour and detail that you get from Napoleonic miniatures"

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