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Hobday & Hicks

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Hobday & Hicks’ Fantasy Kickstarter Launching August


The Barons' War: Fantasy Skirmish from Hobday & Hicks was meant to be launched this month but it has been pushed back to a Mid-August date so that more sculpting and preparation can be done. That means a little bit more of a wait but more miniatures!

More The Barons’ War Fantasy Skirmish Orc & Elf Previews!


Hobday & Hicks have been showing off more wonderful previews ahead of the launch of their The Barons' War: Fantasy Skirmish Kickstarter in July. This 28mm range will be starting with the Orcs and Elves and we got a look at some great new figures.

Join In The D-Day Anniversary! Flames Of War Battles Up The Beach With New Sets! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time!  In this week's show, we talk about the ways that you can dive into replaying D-Day on the tabletop using the updated book from Battlefront Miniatures for Flames Of War and the various Army Sets they have produced to go alongside it. It's a great time to get involved and support the Anniversary.

Hobday & Hicks’ The Barons’ War: Fantasy Skirmish Coming Soon


Hobday & Hicks have revealed a bit more about what's coming up for their new 28mm Fantasy wargame. Their new range of miniatures sculpted by Hicks are going to be part of The Barons' War: Fantasy Skirmish which should be on Kickstarter soon.

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