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Knights Of Dice

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Kngihts of Dice Concrete Gaming Mat | UNBOXING & REVIEW


Take A Ride On Knights Of Dice’s Sci-Fi Monorail Car


Knights Of Dice has been showcasing a new piece of wargaming terrain which is going to be added into the mix for their Easy District Sci-Fi line.

Chow Down At Knights Of Dice’s Cyberpunk Foodcourt


Building on their selection of awesome Sci-Fi terrain, the team at Knights Of Dice showed off three new released for this month recently.

Explore A Magnetic Dungeon With Knights Of Dice


If you’re looking to create some more dynamic-looking dungeons for your adventurers to delve into then Knights Of Dice has an option for you as they released their Shattered Halls range recently.

Weekender XLBS: The C-3P0 Mandela Effect


We're exploring the multiverse as Warren believes he may have been in some strange alternate timeline when watching Star Wars!

Craft New Fantasy Worlds With Knight Of Dice’s Saresh Buildings


Knights Of Dice has been showing off some new terrain which would be a good fit for your Fantasy worlds.

Knights Of Dice Grab A Bite At New Neo Sentry Fast Food Joints


Knights Of Dice are delving into some more awesomeness for your Sci-Fi tabletops as they show off the work on some new Fast Food Outlets.

Knights Of Dice Bring Mirrors Of Tullarn To Kickstarter


Knights Of Dice are now on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring the Mirrors Of Tullarn factions to life for you to use in whatever skirmish game takes your fancy. 

Knights Of Dice’s Saresh Faction Toil In The Fields


Knights Of Dice has now shown off the final of the four factions coming to their Mirrors Of Tullarn Kickstarter later this month. Meet the hard-working members of the Saresh.

Knights Of Dice’s Anram Unlock The Mysteries Of Time


Continuing our look at the new miniatures coming out of Knights Of Dice for their upcoming Mirrors of Tullarn Kickstarter we have the Anram, masters of time magic.

Knights Of Dice’s Tarusa Come Down From The Mountains


Another of the factions from Knights Of Dice's Mirrors of Tullarn has been previewed this week, coming to Kickstarter sometime later in September

Knights Of Dice Preview New Mirrors Of Tullarn Miniatures


Knights Of Dice has been previewing a new range of miniatures they are going to be bringing to Kickstarter soon.

Knights Of Dice Explore The Curse Of Osteria & Burn Rubber On Gaslands Racetracks


Knights Of Dice has been tinkering away on some new terrain for you to use in a range of different games. The first has a distinct edge of Fantasy to it with their Na’Sain Collection for The Curse Of  Osteria. […]

SITREP Modern Miniature Wargaming Podcast Episode #7 Is Live! [Listen For A Chance To Win!]


Gianna and Chris bring you the latest episode of the SITREP Podcast, talking about everything Modern Miniature Wargaming related!

New Curse Of Osteria Terrain Coming Soon From Knights Of Dice


A new range of terrain is being released soon from Knights Of Dice with a distinctly Fantastical edge to it, twined with a degree of danger and darkness.

Knights Of Dice Bringing The WWII Pacific To The Tabletop Soon


Knights Of Dice has teased the coming of a new set of terrain for their Letters Home range.

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