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Painting Polygons

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Meet The Fluffy & Fiendish Inhabitants Of Gullet Cove!


There are whimsical animals aplenty in the Secrets of Gullet Cove campaign, but RPG players who want to tackle Gullet Cove with the miniatures will be in for a real treat. As dogs, cats and rats are now available for purchase to incorporate into your next campaign.

Uncover Mysteries In Animal Adventures: Secrets Of Gullet Cove


After the incredibly successful Kickstarter fulfilled by Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons, the release of Secrets of Gullet Cove is just around the corner, releasing 22th March 2021. 

Take On Epic Encounters & Furry Friends With Steamforged


Steamforged Games has been showing off some of what's coming soon from them. We start off with the Epic Encounters collection which looks to be a new way to pick up a bunch of fantastic miniatures to use in your roleplaying games. 

Animal Adventures Await On Kickstarter From Painting Polygons


Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of their new Animal Adventures set, Secrets Of Gullet Cove, which introduces you into a world of 5th Edition roleplaying with the aid of wonderful cats and dogs!

New Animal Adventures Await With Secrets Of Gullet Cove!


Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons are joining forces once more to work on a new series of animal adventurers and more as part of Secrets Of Gullet Cove which will provide you with a proper sourcebook for including your faithful furry friends in your D&D quests.

Weekender: Make The Old New; Spring Clean Hobby Challenge Announced!


We announce a new Hobby Challenge for Springtime AND delve into lots more from the tabletop world!

Cats & Catacombs Is Coming To Kickstarter!


Painting Polygons have finally let the cat out of the bag and released the details of their Cats & Catacombs Kickstarter, coming in April 2019!

Painting Polygons Teases Us With Cats & Catacombs!


Painting Polygons made quite the splash when they brought Dungeons & Doggies to Kickstarter alongside Steamforged Games last year.

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