Cats & Catacombs Is Coming To Kickstarter!

April 11, 2019 by cassn

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Painting Polygons have finally let the cat out of the bag and released the details of their Cats & Catacombs Kickstarter, coming in April 2019!

Alongside the launch announcement, Painting Polygons have released images of their full set of fearsome felines for your fifth edition party!

Okay, maybe I'm clawing for these puns, but I'm pawsitive that you'll find no copycats of these unique moggys on the tabletop (alright, I'll stop now).

So if you want a party which is hindered by characters constantly sitting on the thing you want to use, majestic mountainous views ruined by another player's butt in your face, and stealth missions completely destroyed by the sound of Mittens completely freaking out and running full speed down the dungeon hallway at 3am, Cats and Catacombs provides the purrfect party for you!


Cats & Catacombs will launch on Kickstarter on April 16th, but until then, check out Painting Polygons on Facebook for a closer look and more character information.

Which is better: Cats & Catacombs or Dungeons & Doggies? Vote below!

"The purrfect party!"

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