Take On Epic Encounters & Furry Friends With Steamforged

July 31, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has been showing off some of what's coming soon from them. We start off with the Epic Encounters collection which looks to be a new way to pick up a bunch of fantastic miniatures to use in your roleplaying games.

Epic Encounters - Steamforged Games.jpg

Epic Encounters // Steamforged Games

This first set looks to offer up an absolutely massive Red Dragon with a 16" wingspan according to their little announcement. As well as the big boss for the end of your dungeon you've also got the band of pesky looking Kobolds plus some more elite enemies like the Sorcerers, Winged Kobolds, Snake Riders and that rather bulky creature who seems more like a brute.

If this Epic Encounter set is anything to go by, we've got a lot of very fun miniatures to look forward to. I think it would be great to see them do other fun things with some of the more esoteric big bad villains from the D&D Monster Manual.

Animal Adventures Starter Set

As well as the Epic Encounter above, the team at Steamforged Games has also been joining forces with Painting Polygons to create a new Starter Set for those who enjoy animal adventuring.

Animal Adventures Complete Starter Set - Painting Polygons.jpg

Animal Adventures Complete Starter Set // Painting Polygons

This set looks to come with a bunch of plastic miniatures from Steamforged Games plus a bunch of content to help get you started in D&D roleplaying but with a furry edge. This seems absolutely adorable and I think that younger gamers and those who want something different from their roleplaying games would love this.

Are you tempted by these new offerings and previews by Steamforged Games?

"Are you tempted by these new offerings and previews by Steamforged Games?"

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