Steamforged’s Adventurers Of Academia RPG Houses Revealed!

November 10, 2021 by fcostin

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Steamforged Games had hinted at an upcoming RPG coming on December 1st to Kickstarter. Players will be headed into where the grind begins as Adventures & Academia will be starting its first venture, opening the doors of The Grand Academy.

Houses - Image One

School Crest // Adventures & Academia

As the campaign approaches, Steamforged is giving us an insight into what we can expect behind the eerie entryway of the supernatural school - as we take a look at the four Houses contained therein.

Each student who attends will belong to a house that they are best suited for. So whether you belong to House Might, House Arcane, House Divine or House Cunning - you'll be attending the same classes and getting up to the same risky business, but will be categorised to your strengths as an adventurer.

House Might - Image One

House Might // Adventures & Academia

Like to play a Fighter, Monk or Barbarian? Feeling the pull of your fist and like to play hero atop a mighty steed, holstered with the sword of envy? You might feel well-placed in the House Might. Harnessing the power of the mind to completely conquer every challenge that brawn can handle.

Arcane - Image One

House Arcane // Adventures & Academia

Not great with your fists and magic more up your street? Students looking to carve their future as a Wizard, Warlock or Sourcerer, come on by! Players will look to dabble into the starts of magic, reading their way through treasures, lore and history. Along with knowing how to spell up a storm. The band of misfits that belong to the House Arcane tend to do more property damage to the school than House Might!

House Divine - Image One

House Divine // Adventures & Academia

Home to the emotionally balanced and head-up by a Manticore with a passion for halfling poetry and orcish history. The likes of Druids, Paladins and Clerics will feel right at home. Each creature and being is important, and faith is embedded into the bones of these individuals. A big handful of empathy and understanding mixes with consideration and an affinity for living creatures - you have yourself a House Divine candidate.

House Cunning - Image One

House Cunning // Adventures & Academia

Those starting off in House Cunning may not start off with the skills that come hand-in-hand with the title.  Home to Rangers, Rogues and Bards - these quick thinkers always have a trick up their sleeves. Focusing on the creative-minded these individuals have a way with words and knowledge with the ability to decrypt and deconstruct passages and riddles with ease.

Adventures & Academia will be coming to Kickstarter on 1st December, and if you do not want to miss the go live date, be sure to get yourself notified here.

What House do you see yourself in? I certainly would be well placed in House Divine! 

"House Divine - Home to the emotionally balanced and head-up by a Manticore with a passion for Halfling poetry and Orcish history..."

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