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Strata Miniatures

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SAGA Is Great But Is Age Of Alexander? + Blood & Plunder Gaming Piracy in Plastic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Firelock Games have shown off a new Blood & Plunder 2-Player Starter Set that's as large as a pirate's chest of loot! Two full crews of 28mm miniatures are accompanied by TWO Sloops for you to take to the high seas with.

Snap Up Dark Dice Dungeon Delving Adventurers From Strata!


The Kickstarter is now live for Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range by Strata Miniatures. This allows you to snap up some of the awesome characters from the Dark Dice Actual Play show and get your hands on an excellent take on Jeff Goldblum's (yes, that Jeff!) character, Balmur.

Add Jeff Goldblum & The Dark Dice Crew To Your Party With Strata!


Strata Miniatures, the creators of the awesome Dungeons & Diversity (see John's Painting Tutorial!) line of D&D roleplaying miniatures are coming back to Kickstarter soon with a brand new campaign. They are going to be working on Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range. And yes, that is Jeff Goldblum's character, Balmur! 

Dragonborn Paladin Painting Tutorial | Dungeons & Diversity


This week John is showing you how to paint a Dragonborn Paladin from the 28mm Dungeons & Diversity range by the folks at Strata Miniatures. 

FREE Viking Wargame & Awesome Pussies + WIN Limited Edition Luke Skywalker! #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We're checking out a FREE Viking wargame PLUS looking at what we've been preparing for a big Frostgrave Week which is going to be hitting over Christmas.

New Wave Of Dungeons & Diversity Miniatures Pop Up From Strata!


A new wave of Dungeons & Diversity heroes have popped up from the folks at Strata Miniatures.

Strata Miniatures Create Fantastic Dungeons & Diversity Heroes


Sara, also known as "@mustangsart" on Twitter, put together some great rules recently for her Combat Wheelchair, giving people another option when it comes to planting themselves within Fantasy worlds like Dungeons & Dragons.

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