Add Jeff Goldblum & The Dark Dice Crew To Your Party With Strata!

August 17, 2022 by brennon

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Strata Miniatures, the creators of the awesome Dungeons & Diversity (see John's Painting Tutorial!) line of D&D roleplaying miniatures are coming back to Kickstarter soon with a brand new campaign. They are going to be working on Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range. And yes, that is Jeff Goldblum's character, Balmur!

Dark Dice Set #1 - Strata Miniatures

Dark Dice Set #1 // Strata Miniatures

For those unfamiliar, Dark Dice is an Actual Play series with a bit of a twist on the normal D&D adventure...

"Dark Dice is a horror actual-play D&D podcast that uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion. Six travellers embark on a journey into the ruinous domain of the Nameless God. They will never be the same again."

You can find out more about Dark Dice over on their website! The idea of the Kickstarter is to produce miniatures matching the characters from different adventures. The first set (above) is the Domain Of The Nameless God and comes with Iaus Innskeep, Sister Tsavorite Cavernsfal, Rowena Granitepike, Flygia of Zarketh, Father Sindri Westpike, and The Silent One.

The second set features another array of awesome characters including...

Dark Dice Set #2 - Strata Miniatures

Dark Dice Set #2 // Strata Miniatures

...Ildrex Mystan, Gaelle of House Vogelberg, Balmur, Glom of House Vogelberg, Soren Arkwright, and The Neverborn. This (as you can see) features the awesome Balmur that Jeff Goldblum brought to the experience.

Balmur Painted - Strata Miniatures

Balmur (Painted By David Fisk) // Strata Miniatures

Balmur Preview Video // Strata Miniatures

These miniatures could be used as the characters themselves that you know from the show or you could introduce them into your own games as a variety of different Class/Lineage combinations to represent your own heroes. Who would say no to a Dragonborn Monk?

All of the miniatures from this Kickstarter will be produced in plastic but there will also be a pledge for digital downloads as STL Files. The campaign is set to begin on 27th September 2022 and will run for ten days so it's a quick one!

Are you a fan of Dark Dice? Will you be diving in to pick up these stunningly sculpted D&D miniatures? I think they all look fantastic and there is a good mix of different character options in there for those seeking to bulk out their collection.

Adventure...finds a way!

"Will you be diving in to pick up these stunningly sculpted D&D miniatures?"

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