Strata Miniatures Create Fantastic Dungeons & Diversity Heroes

August 17, 2020 by brennon

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Sara, also known as "@mustangsart" on Twitter, put together some great rules recently for her Combat Wheelchair, giving people another option when it comes to planting themselves within Fantasy worlds like Dungeons & Dragons. The rules went down so well that they inspired Strata Miniatures to bring these miniatures to their webstore and they are pretty awesome...

Everybody Can Be A Hero - Strata Miniatures

Everybody Can Be A Hero // Strata Miniatures

The idea is that "everybody can be a hero" and I am all for there being more inclusive miniatures out there which speak to people in different ways. Sara's main goal is to create disability content for those playing their tabletop games and it has rather taken on a life of its own right now on social media.

You can check out more from Sara over on Twitter but also as part of her Patreon. In addition to that, you can also check out the Combat Wheelchair rules completely free right HERE. It's pretty awesome and I think it might introduce a lot of cool ideas into the mix for those who are disabled and looking for representation plus those who want to play a different style of character.

Here is a better look at the first four miniatures Strata have created...

Dwarf Fighter - Strata Miniatures

Dwarf Fighter // Strata Miniatures

Elf Rogue - Strata Miniatures

Elf Rogue // Strata Miniatures

It should also be noted that 25% of your purchase from Strata Miniatures is going to be going to a good cause as well. They are supporting so you can help out people as well as get your hands on some great miniatures for your roleplaying games.

Human Druid - Strata Miniatures

Human Druid // Strata Miniatures

Tiefling Cleric - Strata Miniatures

Tiefling Cleric // Strata Miniatures

With a nice mix of different characters already covering Fighter, Rogue, Druid and Cleric, it would be really fun to see more work done on these to create a good depth of classes and races. I like the idea of seeing a Dragonborn with some way for the wings to work alongside the wheelchair for example.

More choice is never a bad thing and I really like that these now exist in the world...

"More choice is never a bad thing..."

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