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Too Fat Lardies

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The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Five: Zhukov Strikes Back


Oriskany closes out this article series on Kursk as he explores the true ending of this titanic battle and asks for your thoughts on how you'd play it out yourself...

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Four: The Myth Of Prokhorovka


Join Oriskany as he distils down Prokhorovka and busts some myths about this particular portion of The Battle Of Kursk and recreates it on the tabletop!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Three: Assault From The South


We've seen how the conflict brews in the North and now we turn our attention to the South in the next in this epic article series!

Community Spotlight: Cygnar Boys In Blue, Malign Sorceries & A Sharp Practise Foray!


We've got some Warmachine, Age Of Sigmar and Sharp Practise today in Community Spotlight!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Two: Assault From The North


We get stuck into Kursk even more as we look towards an Assault From The North (no Starks involved...) in this instalment!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part One: Games & Background


We get things started as Oriskany, our Historical Editor, takes us through a summary of Kursk and goes through the game systems you can use to play out this mighty battle!

Let’s Play: Sharp Practice – The American War Of Independence


We're back for another great game of Sharp Practice with Rich from Too Fat Lardies!

Let’s Play: What A Tanker!


We're joined today by the guys from Too Fat Lardies to play their new skirmish tank game; What a Tanker!

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Into The Reich


Rich is back for another battle report from Chain of Command.

Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!


Come and join us for The Weekender where we're going to be taking a slice through the tabletop gaming hobby to check out what awesome stuff has been going on this week.

What A Tanker! Rumbles Out For Advance Order


TooFatLardies have announced that their new game What A Tanker is set for release on April 9th, and have now put it up for advance order.

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John’s Star Wars Challenge!


TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 7


The gang discusses how historical wargamers can find inspiration in works of fiction and how the line between the two often blurs. Meanwhile, Sidney admits to making things up.

Keep An Eye Out For Too Fat Lardies What A Tanker!


Too Fat Lardies have another game coming along very soon. What A Tanker! (hah) is an awesome sounding game which, as you might imagine, has something to do with rolling armour.

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 6


Welcome to the Oddcast, where the TooFatLardies crew get together to discuss history, gaming, and all things Lard.

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 5


Rich and Nick join Sidney to discuss what they are doing and talk about the big issue: how they undertake research for a set of rules.

Designer Studio: Richard Clarke From Too Fat Lardies


It's time to sit back and get to know Richard Clarke from Too Fat Lardies.

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Five: Characters & Campaigns


In the final article for this series @elessar2590 talks us through characters and campaigns in Sharp Practice!

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Collective Farm 452


Can Justin save Russia's bacon?

Let’s Play: Sharp Practice – Strudelheim Super Gun


Rich from Too Fat Lardies is back with a big weapon!

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 4


Recorded in front of a live audience in the heart of London's theatre-land, Sidney invites Nick and Rich to discuss a whole host of items from his festive mailbag.

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Four: Napoleonics


Join community @elessar2590 as he explores another period of history and explains how it works in Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies.

Who are Too Fat Lardies: Best Miniature Range to use?


With all the possible ranges out there, the selection is endless!

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 3


Back from their road trip to Ypres and Antwerp, the three amigos discuss what they are working on, how inspiration for a rule set arrives and what's in the Lard Island library.

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Three: The French & Indian War


Community member @elessar2590 explores another period of history perfect for Sharp Practice as we head back to America for The French & Indian War.

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 2.5


This bonus episode sees the Lard team attend Crisis in Antwerp, Europe's biggest wargames show and undoubtedly the highlight of our year.

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Action On The Orne


The time for talking is over, let's get down to business!

Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part Two: The American Revolution


Elessar2590 takes us through a scenario from The American Revolution building on the versatility of the Sharp Practice rules!

TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 2


The second TooFatLardies Oddcast and their first road trip sees the three amigos head to Ypres in Belgium for a battlefield tour as they make their merry way to Antwerp for Crisis, the best wargames show of the year.

Chain Of Command – An Introduction


Oi, you there! To the front lines and learning more about Chain Of Command With Too Fat Lardies!

Let’s Play: Sharp Practice


Richard from Too Fat Lardies gives Justin an introductory game of Sharp Practice.

What Is Sharp Practice? Introduction With Rich From Too Fat Lardies


Exploring Scenarios In Sharp Practice – Part One: The American Civil War


Dylan "@Elessar2590" Asmus kicks off a new series of articles focusing on Sharp Practice

Weekender: Win An Epic Chain Of Command Bundle & Warhammer Shadespire Favourite Factions


TooFatLardies Oddcast: Episode 1


Welcome to the Oddcast, where the blokes behind TooFatLardies get chatting about history, gaming, and all things Lard.

VLOG: Wolsung Boot Camp Builds & Hobby Night Live Prep!


Get a quick run down of everything that has been going on this week in the BoW Studios.

Richard from Too Fat Lardies Talks About Dunkirk and Chain of Command Scenarios


New Sharp Practice Available Now From Too Fat Lardies


Sharp Practice is now available in a range of new bundles from Too Fat Lardies. If you're looking for a good Napoleonic skirmish game during the era of black powder then this one might be worth a look.

Play The Eastern Front In The Great War From Too Fat Lardies


Too Fat Lardies are at it again and have just released a new supplement for their WWI game rule set, Through The Mud and The Blood.

West Wind, Privateer, Too Fat Lardies & More Summer Sales Up!


The summer seems to have made a few companies go a little crazy and there are a selection of sales out there. Here are just some of them and if there are any more out there feel free to drop them into the comments below!

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