Pre-Order TooFatLardies’ New Ancient Skirmisher Infamy, Infamy!

June 16, 2020 by brennon

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TooFatLardies have now added their Infamy, Infamy! rules onto their webstore for you pre-order ahead of its release on Monday, 29th June. This is a new Ancient Skirmish Wargame set between 60 BC and 100 AD.

Infamy Infamy - TooFatLardies

Infamy, Infamy! Rulebook

The game will feature on classic skirmishes between the likes of the Roman Empire and their Gallic foes in the heart of Europe. You'll be able to look beyond this of course too and explore the fights between different kingdoms too but this seems like a prime time to get your Romans ready for another battle.

As well as just getting the Infamy, Infamy! Rulebook and a PDF version of it too, you will also be able to get The Basic, The Big Infamy and They've Got It All Infamy bundles which come with options like these tokens below.

Infamy Infamy Tokens - TooFatLardies

Infamy, Infamy! Tokens

You will also get a set of cards which come with all versions of the rulebook. This seems like it could be a really fun way to dive in and play out some Ancient skirmish battles without having to read an absolutely tome of rules or collection massive forces. Smaller clashes between troops were much more common and it allows you to build a bit of character behind your force too.

Infamy Infamy Cards - TooFatLardies

Infamy, Infamy! Cards

Make sure to dive in and check out what they have to offer on their webstore HERE. As well as that, we should be delving a bit more into this game in the coming weeks so watch this space. It is always fun to see what folks can create in the Ancient Wargaming sphere.

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"It is always fun to see what folks can create in the Ancient Wargaming sphere..."

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